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The European Union and Georgia enjoy a very close and positive relationship. The EU-Georgia Association Agreement entered into force in July 2016 and strives for political association and economic integration. The EU and Georgia have also entered into a Deep and Comprehensive Fre...
The following presentation provides a brief introduction to the concept of social entrepreneurship â€‹which emphasizes community development. This document addresses certain key aspects of social entrepreneurship such as its vision, mission and four main strategic directi...
This regional position paper, endorsed at the final East Invest 2 project conference in Kyiv on 21 June 2017, was drafted with the input of around 200 business associations in the six EaP countries. Addressed to the governments of the six Eastern partner countries, the...
This brochure provides the reader with an overview of the Georgian Furniture Cluster, established with support of the EU4Business project ‘SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia’.
An assessment of the ICT sector in Georgia, produced by the EU4Business project ‘SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia’. The report evaluates current operating conditions, key growth constraints, and opportunities to create synergies through cluster development. Specif...

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