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EU4Business has published the Citizens’ Summary 2020 for Georgia with the overview of major results of the past year per country.
The EU4Business Jubilee report marks the 10th Anniversary of the initiative in 2019. Mature and yet fast growing, EU4Business has become one of the flagship initiatives for the Eastern Partnership, demonstrating the progress made in EU-Eastern Partnership (EaP) relations in the p...
The 2019 Annual Report offers more than just a review of the past year; it offers an extensive presentation of the main features of EU4Business and its performance over a decade.   The 2019 report is based on the analysis of more than 400 programme and project documents, foc...
This EU4Business country report offers an in-depth assessment of the current macroeconomic and business environment in Georgia including that in which SMEs operate. Particular emphasis is therefore on development of SMEs in the country and how has EU4Business project portfolio su...
The first annual report of EU4Business, analysing the dynamics and achievements of the initiative over the period 2016-2017, as well as total consolidated figures since the initiative was launched in 2009. The report also outlines a way forward that is based on wide consultations...

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