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EU4Business published its 2020 country report, covering all EU support to SMEs in Georgia. The country report provides detailed information about EU assistance across all three priority areas of the programme: access to finance, business development services and the business enabling environment.

In 2019, the EU disbursed €75.89 million in 2019 to support a total of nearly 36,234 SMEs in Georgia, a third of which are owned by women. This resulted in over 31,443 new jobs and €414.8 million in extra income generated by EU-supported SMEs in Georgia.

For your reference:

Country Report Georgia 2020

News about the country reports released for the six EaP countries

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The European Union is very active in supporting the development of new businesses, particularly among women and particularly in the regions of Georgia, often with a focus on rural and disadvantaged areas. So don’t think that you need to be in Tbilisi, to have a higher education or an established business in order to access EU support – on the contrary!
The Eastern Partner countries have taken significant steps towards business digitalisation over the last few years. However, significant differences in business digitalisation levels exist which can be attributed to varying levels of economic development, institutional capacity, and policy frameworks.
The EU and Georgia have launched an EU-funded Twinning project on ‘Advancing the Capacities of the Market Surveillance Agency of Georgia’.

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