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Entrepreneurs overwhelmingly drive the economy in Georgia. More than 99% of all firms in the country are micro, small, or medium enterprises (MSMEs), accounting for two-thirds of total private employment and more than half of total business sector turnover (source).
"As a designer, I’m making my clients’ dreams come true. As an entrepreneur, I’m making my own dream come true." — Vakhtang Duchidze | Designer and owner, graphic design and printing | Bank of Georgia, Georgia
When developer Keti Vachiberidze started her online e-commerce platform, B2C.GE, in early 2019, Georgian businesses had little confidence in the power of online sales.
With its unique taste and aromatic qualities, Georgian tea has had an honourable place on the world’s tea map for years. Now that the Georgian government has a programme in place, more and more local entrepreneurs have decided to restore old tea plantations and bolster organic tea production.
“It all started with my strange physiology,” Vamekh Kherkheulidze, the CEO of Elven Tech shrugs with an apologetic grin as he sits down in his office in Tbilisi, Georgia. “I am always feeling hot – it’s such a nuisance.”

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