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The EU and FAO awarded a matching grant of USD 150,000 to Biochimpharm, a Georgian biotech company that gained worldwide recognition producing bacteriophages – a sustainable alternative to antibiotics.
One day, the founders of GreenPack saw a khachapuri — Georgian cheese pie — being reheated and packed in a polyethylene bag for a little boy. ”At that moment, we suddenly thought about how we’ve all got used to harming ourselves, and then the environment, and how a product wrapped in 5 or 6 pieces of plastic has become a common feature.
If you’ve ever bought a baguette or a croissant in one of the major supermarkets in Georgia, chances are that it came from the Food Alliance, which produces frozen pastry using modern European technologies.
The Covid-19 pandemic led to a number of financial challenges for SMEs in Georgia, slowing down production processes because of health guidelines and restrictions.
Have you ever wondered how the famous Georgian chips Frixx travels to market counters? From local farmers, potatoes go to a storage facility run by Mziani Mosavali in a small village Savaneti, in Bolnisi Municipality where potatoes are stored with high standards.

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