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On the outskirts of Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city, thousands of books are crammed into a huge warehouse. From classical prose to mystery thrillers, romance novels to poetry collections, there is something here for even the most discerning reader.
Autotest, a Georgian vehicle inspection company, is on a mission to reduce road accidents and minimise car pollution ‒ two of the country’s pressing issues.
Imagine a group of mannequins standing on a small hill covered in artificial grass, all dressed in beautiful, colourful dresses made of plant and mineral dyed silk that were inspired by nights in the Caucasus mountains.
Imagine an avant-garde fashion collection being filmed on location in a remote village in Georgia, where abandoned wooden houses are covered in snow.
Clothes, shoes, accessories, hygiene, cosmetics and perfumes – this is just a brief list of what one of the largest outlet store Navne offers its customers in Georgia at a high quality and low prices.

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